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Video Date Duration
MBE/WBE and Small Business Council Committee  Aug 14, 2012 01h 23m
City Council Work Session  Aug 14, 2012 02h 41m
Council Committee for Emerging Technology and Telecommunications  Aug 09, 2012 01h 08m
Audit and Finance Committee  Aug 08, 2012 01h 37m
City Council Work Session Meetings  Aug 07, 2012 02h 24m
Comprehensive Planning and Transportation Committee  Aug 06, 2012 01h 08m
Austin Housing Finance Corporation  Aug 02, 2012 01m 02s
City Council Meetings  Aug 02, 2012 10h 28m
City Council Budget Work Session  Aug 01, 2012 02h 07m
City Council Work Session Meetings  Jul 31, 2012 01h 40m

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