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Video Date Duration
Animal Shelter News Conference  May 07, 2010 27m 06s
Big Stacy Rain Gardens & Blunn Creek Restoration  May 06, 2010 15m 14s
Summer Watering Schedule News Conference  Apr 30, 2010 21m 29s
GTOPS Press Conference  Apr 27, 2010 17m 47s
Austin GTOPS Press Conference   Apr 27, 2010 18m 48s
Earth Day News Conference  Apr 22, 2010 09m 45s
Organ Donor Awareness  Apr 22, 2010 21m 17s
One Green Step News Conference  Apr 20, 2010 10m 34s
Breast Cancer Awareness News Conference  Apr 13, 2010 18m 40s
National Start! Walking Day Kick-Off  Apr 07, 2010 10m 22s

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